Anne Kansime At The Verge of Losing Her Husband.


18 October 2017

No wonder the ambitious comedian Anne Kansime had lost weight of recent, marriage isn't easy at all For now i really come to believe, analyse and spread the gossip.. for sure even a comedian like Anne has failed to understand the technicalities in it. We haven't gotten to hear from Kansime's line of view manifesting how we really don't have the real reasons why this couple its at the line of separating...

Its on very rare incidencies  for a man to leave home due differences or disparities between the couple.. But for This critical case, Ojok, kansime's husband may be he couldn't take  it anymore and thats why he left Kansime in home lonely  not until maybe she styles up. Newz reaching Our desks   pronounce it clearly that Ojok is readily available for his wife but not until the antagonism between them is cleared, there cannot be anything between them for now.... HOPE KANSIME CAN HANDLE THE COLD NIGHTS.

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