Barbi Jay Caught Enjoying Nyam Nyam in His Car.


11 March 2018

Back in 2013, Barbi Jay featuring Eddy Kenzo sang a hit song titled "Sumbusa" , little did he know that one day he will be discovered eating an illegal one.

Last night in Rubaga division Kampala,  singer Barbi Jay, was nabbed red handed enjoying nyam nyam with a certain unidentified lady whom many people predicted to be a prostitute.

After a tip off from concerned citizens about a shaking car (Mark II Toyota), the Police came to rescue the situation and interrupted the singer's conjugal activities.

As soon as Barbi and the woman smelt trouble they both quickly dressed up but Jay was unlucky that he had not cooled down properly and found hard time to dress up where he ended up being caught almost naked.

The officers that interrupted the sweet activity did not have any good words for him as they opened the car doors hurriedly and assured him he had broken the law for being a public nuisance. 

The two were taken on a police truck to a nearby police station where charges were levied against them.

This all comes after Barbie Jay and his partner Millers Nisha Mari had just welcomed a baby boy on March 2nd.

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