Barbi Jay's Wife Promises to go to Tanzania and do Something Nasty to Him.


13 March 2018

Over the weekend, singer Barbi Jay was caught red handed enjoying the company of a woman while shirtless. He has been released from prison where he was held captive for a few hours and is currently hiding away from his family.

His Wife "Millers Nisha Mariam" is currently nursing wounds at their home and when contacted today she was down in heavy tears considering the fact that she had just given birth to their barely 2 week old baby.

His Wife

During their happy days , Barbi Jay's wife swore that her hubby could never cheat on her and considered him a clean man. However the musician up to now is saying that he did not do anything with the woman he was with in the back of his Toyota Mark II car although he was shirtless and the woman too had no knickers as seen in the viral photos.

So Barbi Jay's Wife has now promised to do to him something he will never forget  and angrily said that she will do to him what Tanzanians are capable of doing.

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Barbi Jay's Wife Promises to go to Tanzania and do Something Nasty to Him.

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