Bebe Cool Expalins Why He Did Not Show up on Radio's Burial.


14 February 2018

Considering the fact that he is one of the biggest musicians in Uganda, Bebe Cool should have attended the late Radio's funeral activities to show unity in Ugandan music.

But the artiste did contrary to that when he decided not to show up at any single place where Radio's body was taken including the burial ceremony itself. 

Bebe Cool during a live session with Peng Peng, a renown online blogger admitted that he did not make any appearance because many people knew that he had many differences with the late over a period of 10 years even just before he died , they were not in good terms concerning the musical list Bebe came up with which led the two musicians to exchange dirty words.

In addition to that , Bebe feared that angry Radio fans would throw objects like chairs and others to him which would injure him instead. It seems also the Mayanja family comprising of Weasel, Chameleone and Pallaso were not in good terms with him since he also didn't show up at the church service which is supposed to be peaceful at all costs.

However , on a lighter note , Bebe said that he did what he could like helping out during the first days of the late's treatment and organising the funeral activities of the late together with Balaam a local events manager.

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