Bebe Cool Spending too Much on Short-lived Music Videos.


17 February 2018

In the recent years one of the most popular artistes in Uganda, Bebe Cool has been spending quite huge sums of money on his music videos.

Normally , he doesn't even talk about the actual amount he has spent but usually tells people that they are very expensive considering the good videographers and the fancy places they are shot from.

But is it Really Worth It?

Okay for the likes of MTV Base, Trace Urban and other international African TV stations , his videos will be relevant because he uses the best guys like Moe Musa, Sesan who produce good videos even for people like Wizkid and Davido.

But considering the amount of money he gets back in return , I don't think it's worth it. Take an example of "Want it" his latest music video which cost him a total of US$20,000 about UGX.73 million but the song will most likely fade away in 2 weeks time since it's not hitting in Uganda.

Bebe has made many recent songs on ridiculously expensive budgets but the gain to his side is really minimal since the songs don't hit for more than 2 weeks even if Radios, TVs and DJs give them maximum airplay. 

We recommend that he sticks to local language in his songs just like Eddy Kenzo instead of copying the Nigerian language the way he has been doing in all the recent songs to make them sound original.

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