Diamond Not Sure if He Will Live to See the Month of March.


19 February 2018

The love Uganda's best socialite , Zari gave to Diamond Platinumz is still proving to be top notch.

The Tanzanian singer ever since Zari chucked him on the day of Valentine's , has not been himself. Well he tried to be happy on that very day posting jolly things on his social media accounts but a few days later the man fell in real tears.

He actually released a short video, probably his new song where he was crying in his native language "Swahili" expressing how much he misses his 38 year old girlfriend.

On Friday evening last week he also posted on Instagram something that scared the hell out of his fans where he hinted at a possibility of committing suicide after saying that he may not be able to see the month of March because of Zari.

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