Faridah Nakazibwe Can No longer Handle The Uncontrollable Love From Dr Omar.


16 February 2018

As women in other parts of the world are still  suffering from heart breaks , broken marriages and torn families Ugandan News Anchor Faridah Nakikaziba at Ntv Uganda can't just handle the sweet and privileged love and chemistry from husband Omar.
Faridah informs us via her Instagram handle that her love carrying capacity is at a bliss point and she is about to burst and die of Dr Omar's love.

Without critiquing but just basing on analysis of her words posted buy her on her Instagram handle, it all manifests how this couple is deeply in love and the reason to why this Faridah babe looks jolly 24/27. I very  much advise all women failing at marriages, that should link up with Faridah  Nakazibwe for exquisite marriage tips because all Dr Omar's love must be a reciprocate of Faridah's care and attention she gives to her family.

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