Irene Ntale Nearly Makes Rwandese Cry.


26 February 2018

On a chilly Friday evening at the Serena Hotel in Kigali in Rwanda  Ugandan female musician Irene Ntale was expected to perform at the Kigali Jazz Junction.

This was an event that had people mostly of corporate status considering the fact that few people are interested in jazz type of music.

There has been gossip around claiming that Rwandese people adore Ugandan musicians so much and on this fateful night , Irene Ntale proved it. When she stepped onto stage , the crowd immediately got very excited according to according to various sources.

She was dressed in clothes similar to those she was wearing in her stamina daddy video while holding a guitar after which she unleashed her natural talent to the audience.Irene on stage

She sang all her hit songs such as Gyobera, Kyolowoza, Stamina Daddy, Sembera, Nzena, Bikola, and many others but during the performance of Gyobera, the crowd seemed more excited showing that that song also did well in Rwanda.

She finally ended her thrilling performance by singing one of the Late Mowzey Radio's songs "Neera" as the people in the audience switched on their Smart Phone torches , lighting up the place to honour the Late.


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Irene Ntale Nearly Makes Rwandese Cry.

26 February 2018