Museveni Lifts World Cup Twice, More than Messi and Ronaldo.


6 March 2018

On a cold Monday morning , yesterday , football's greatest award arrived in the country aboard a Customised Coca Cola Plane.

The trophy was unveiled inside the aircraft by Mr.Bakabulindi the Sports minister and thereafter it headed to State house. This is where it was officially welcomed into Uganda by the President, Yoweri Kagutta Museveni.

After the short meeting that was held involving Coca Cola staff and Senior Government officials , Museveni finally unveiled the prestigious trophy , removing the cloth on top of it as if he was opening a kraal for cows to get out.

It should be noted that this is his second time to touch this trophy after a first time back in 2009 making him have touched it more than Messi and Ronaldo who have never set their hands on it but he promised that Uganda will qualify for the next World Cup tournament.

Museveni Holding the Trophy in 2009

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