One Talent Will Die Out as MC Kats and Douglas Share One Show.


22 February 2018

After making his move to NBS, former N TV "The Beat" presenter Douglas Lwanga has been struggling to fit into his new station.

The management which in the first place hired him without thinking thoroughly well has been struggling to give him his own TV show. Forget about "Katch Up" a show that he hosts with Fabiola and MC Isaac, he was just put there temporarily to introduce him to NBS viewers.

Now Douglas has joined hands with his brother MC Kats to jointly host the "After 5" show whose time has been pushed from only one hour to now 2 hours for the viewers to have enough of the sizzling entertainment from the two experienced presenters.

However the changes in the show have not gone down well with a set of people especially the critics who are saying that one of the presenters is going to be suppressed by the other and finally make the other lose his talent due to competition for talking time. 

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