Weasel Moves On In Style.


9 February 2018

After the catastrophic pass on of Uganda's most cherished vocalist Moses Ssekibogo well known as Mozey Radio, it has been a gigantic Rock within Weasel Manizo's way to move on not forgetting all the unforgettable sweet memories songs and stages shared by the duo which was dupped Good lyfe. 

A few days have passed and it just seems Weasel    has gained guts and confidence to keep the legacy of Good lyfe duo within  the vicinity of music. 
All of this is so due the juicy fresh gigs attained by Weasel Tv as a solo singer making him to move to cloud 9. If all goes well, weasel will be still performing on a number of gigs where he has been booked For example at Whyte Bryn's foundations.

 Most of our trusted sources are informing us that Weasel Manizo will be performing alongside big artistes from Uganda. Not forgeting that weasel also has a number of songs as a solo artiste and we very much believe that he will continue with the legacy.

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Weasel Moves On In Style.

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